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How to wash your makeup brushes

How to wash your makeup brushes

How often do you wash your makeup brushes? I'll come clean... I wash my brushes about once a month, if I remember to. It's quite low on my priority list of things to do so I tend to forget. But if, like me, you use your brushes every day, it's really important to keep them brushes clean. Think of all the makeup that's sitting there and the bacteria growing on them (I'm sure this happens and it's not just my over imaginative mind).. and if you have little ones who love sneaking into your makeup with their lovely yet grubby hands... ugh. Just the thought of how dirty it is makes me shudder.

So here's a quick tutorial on how to clean them. ;-)

1. Get a clean sponge (don't use a sponge that you've already used to wash dishes with as that will just transfer the bacteria over)

2. Use a gentle cleaning product, like baby shampoo or soap and put some on the sponge then start brushing your brush on it using long strokes. You'll start to see the makeup come off.

Squirt some baby shampoo or soap over sponge

Dab your makeup brush on the sponge

3. Once you get as much makeup off, clean the brush under warm running water.

Run the brush under warm, running water

4. Lay your brush sideways on a towel to dry.

Lay your brushes on a towel to dry

5. Repeat until all your brushes are clean, and you will feel like a domestic goddess!

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