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For the love of batik

I’m half English, half Indonesian, and spent many years living in Jakarta when I was younger. There were many things that frustrated me about living there but something I loved and will always love is its culture, people... and food! 

Indonesia is made up of an insane amount of islands (around 17000). I won’t go into the details of it (mainly because I slept through a lot of my history classes in school and don't know much about it) but I wanted to talk a bit about a beautiful type of garment Indonesia is known for, called batik

Batik is a sort of pattern consisting of dots and lines that is either hand drawn on to cloth, or printed on using a stamp. Indonesians, young and old, wear batik loud and proud, and different areas make different motifs. It’s a great go-to choice for every occasion and you’ll see people wearing batik to go to work, school, weddings, or just every day wear. It's ever so versatile and never goes out of fashion. I love how it’s now expanded from just clothing to bags and necklaces. 

Here's a video I found to show you how batik is made.

When I went back to Indonesia over the summer, we went to Yogyakarta in Java and visited the local market there. It was batik heaven. I bought way too many batik clothing for myself but knew it wouldn’t work to stock them for Desa because us women come in all shapes and sizes. What I did bring back, which I think would suit everybody are these lovely necklaces and bags. It was soooooo much fun choosing these for you and I hope you find something you like. All of the things I bought are handmade from small home businesses and I only bought one of each type, so get it while it's here ladies. ;-)

Bintang triangle batik clutch bag

I brought back 3 different motifs of the triangle clutch bag for you to choose from. The sandy blue and white blue 'Lawas' are motifs inspired by the traditional, old-school patterns which are known as the more classic designs. Whereas the pictured dark blue and red clutch bag is made from a pattern called 'Pekalongan', which is a more modern batik design (and actually comes from an area in Indonesia with the same name).

Raden batik unisex washbag

This simple washbag is perfect for carrying toiletries or make-up when you are travelling. 

Nur woven round basket bag

Ah, the summer bag of dreams that every girl needs hanging off their shoulder. Technically not batik, apart from its inner lining which has a batik red motif.

 Cahaya woven round basket bag

 A different version of the basket bag that I also brought back is the Chaya woven round bag. This also has an inner batik lining.

I've got more bags and necklaces to add to the 'Newest arrivals' section so check in after this week. I'll upload them as soon as I get another free afternoon (and a bit of sun to take pictures... sigh. Am still in denial that autumn has arrived in the UK.)

Hope you all have a lovely week.

Nina x

 UPDATE! (15 October 2018) Just dropped on the website!

Asri batik necklaces


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