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Hello! How's your week going? It's Wednesday, so only 2 more days until the weekend!! Have you got anything fun planned?

I took pictures of some Hannah clothes that I wish I had when I used to dress up for work at the office. Without blowing my sister's trumpet (totally blowing my sister's trumpet), I just love how she's designed clothes that a gal can wear on different occasions. These Hannah items are pieces that I've chosen as part of my product research (aka stolen from the stock! insert-evil-laugh). I've worn them as daily wear to meet friends, do school runs, parent-teacher meetings, go out in the evenings... and now, here's my work wear version because if you are anything like I was, you might feel like you don't have anything to wear to work? Do you sometimes feel that way? I've got your back... read on sister.

Everybody's got to have the trusty black trousers; straight cut, skinny or boot cut. It's a staple, isn't it. I've paired my black boot cut trousers with the Anisah blouse (bow tied to the back) and a navy blue blazer. If you want to spice it up a bit, go air-stewardess-style and add a scarf (Random fact: I used to want to be an air stewardess when I was a kid. The thought of travelling all over the world was so cool.... and then I realised you didn't have to be an air stewardess to travel).

Then on another day, wear your Anisah blouse with the bow on the front. Et voila, 2 different looks with one blouse.

Get the Anisah blouse here

Next up.... you can't see it really clearly in the pictures but I might have made a fashion faux pas once and bought a pair of checkered trousers. Like a moth to a flame, I'm drawn to crazy trouser patterns, and then I try them on in the dressing room and know I'll never leave the shop with them. This one time however, I did. And every time I wore them I'd get the diss from the husband... but what does he know about fashion, right? I think the long length of the Tayyibah blouse and Mahawib double tee has softened the strong pattern on the trousers, so I'm now glad I kept them!

Get the Tayyibah blouse here and the Mawahib double tee here

I am more than aware that I haven't been too adventurous with my choice of office clothes in the past. Take this pair of very boring grey trousers. So dull. Ugh. I used to hate wearing them, seriously. But I am also very stubborn so I refused to get rid of them. Now I'm glad I didn't because I like this look. Mind you, you'll have to be a bit brave to rock the ankle socks in heels (but you can... really. Just do it!)

If ankle socks and rolled up trousers isn't your cup of tea, then revert back to the trusty black trousers.....

Get the Haniyyah blouse here

I hope you have a great November at work!


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