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Life hacks from Desa Life

Hello, I'm Nina and I watch way too many life-hack videos.

My husband might not admit it, but he does exactly the same thing. I know this because he'll forward the occasional video to show me how things are done. 

Ah. Isn't it nice to be middle-aged? And secure enough in your relationship to send each other lame videos.

Here are some really simple hacks that we've picked up along the way that might help make your life easier.... 

1. If you've eaten something hot and burnt your tongue, put some sugar on it and the pain should go away (we could blow our food, but we're too busy blowing our kids' food)

2. Wash your hands with a bit of toothpaste if you can’t get rid of garlic or onion odour (I tend to grate garlic when I add them to meals, so I get this A.LOT)

3. Rub some corn flour into knots on shoelaces, string or chain necklaces to undo them easier (stress levels reduced immediately.. unless you don't have any corn flour)

 4. Wear a ziplock bag as gloves when kneading dough to avoid getting your hands sticky. You can also use the bag to store extra dough (is this a 'green' problem? I'd say no because when I get sticky hands, I use so much water when I have to repeatedly wash my hands. You could easily wash the bags and reuse too?)

5. Cut through a toilet roll tube and put your wrapping paper in it. This will stop your paper from unravelling when storing it (no more chucking of wrapping paper because they are creased/ripped when you next take them out of the cupboard)

6. Before you take something apart to fix it, take a digital photo of it so you’ll remember how it goes back together (****glares at husband to take the hint)

7. Put your cables in a tissue roll before storing to prevent them from getting tangled once you put them away (****starts coughing at husband)

 8. Place a rubber band around an open paint can to wipe your brush on, and keep paint off the side of the can (and no more problems opening the can when you next use it)

9. Stack your clothes vertically instead of horizontally so that you can see them all (you can also squeeze in more clothes this way)

10. Don’t burn yourself when trying to light those hard to reach candle wicks. Light a stick of spaghetti and light the wick with that (you'll feel like giving yourself a pat on the back when you do this)

 Pray tell, what are your life hacks?!


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