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Listen up ladies....

Listen up ladies… The world won’t end if you…

  • Take a break.. like a proper I’m-going-to-sit-and-watch-a-movie-during-the-day kind of break

  • Have an easy dinner that’s not made from scratch
    (Pizza and fish fingers for the win. Every. Time)

  • Let your kids get bored
    (In fact, they need it. It’s character building)

  • Go out for a coffee with friends

  • Want to have some me-time at the end of the day

  • Don’t have the perfect, clean house

  • Cheat on birthday cakes
    (Get a ready-mix and pimp the hell out of it)

  • Don’t iron clothes

  • Set boundaries and follow through with consequences if your kids disobey you

  • Let your kids watch some telly after school



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