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November list

It's Monday. The husband is back at work.  Kids are back at school. The dog has been sick at night so she's looking a bit sorry for herself (she's sleeping in the sunshine so she's fine. Here is said dog).


At the start of every week, I run a mental list of things I need to do and thought I'd write a blog about my November list. It's a very short list (because I need to actually do things and not just write about them) So here it goes.. 5 things that I want to get done (or achieve) this month. 

1. Start on Christmas presents
With Halloween and Bonfire night out of the way, it's time. I learned a few years ago my days of leaving things until the last minute were well and truly gone... and a prepared me is a happy me. Luckily, we have a small family so I don't really have that many people to think of, and if I'm being completely honest, it's all about the kids anyway. So, I'm going to start this week. Even if it's just making (another) list of what they might like and buying it at the end of this month (ie. payday!)

2. Do more yoga
I always feel so much better after exercising, but there's always something more important to do, or I'm too tired (classic mum problem). But I must! I will. Once a week, at least! That's my November goal.
There are 2 yogis that I love and follow; one is Rachel Brathen aka yoga_girl. I used to subscribe to her online yoga classes (called I like how she teaches and enjoy listening to her take on the world (nowadays I get totally distracted by her baby Lea Luna; one of the cutest, smiliest babies out there). And I recently found Adriene aka Yoga with Adriene. She's got some free videos on Youtube (Yoga with Adriene channel here). She makes me smile whilst I practise. She's quirky, and funny, and I feel like I'm practising with a friend when I watch her.

3. Be more patient with the family
I shout waaaaaay too much at my kids, and then I wonder why they shout at each other (and us). If anything (and I say this in jest. Kinda), I need to get on the moral high ground and not do it anymore so that when they yell, I can go 'Why are you shouting?' Can't do that at the moment.
I totally take after my mum. She shouted. A lot. But I can't blame other people for my actions, much as I'd like.
I was telling my husband recently about how I shouted at my daughter at the playground because she stuck her tongue out/spat at another kid, and everyone stopped and stared at me. It was kinda embarrassing. He didn't make me feel better (his reply was something along the lines of 'Why didn't you just go to her and tell her quietly not to do it.' This guy obviously has selective memory; he goes to work and forgets what it's like to have to discipline the kids) So anyway, imma sort this out (ask me how it's gone at the end of the month!)

4. Eat less sugar (also applies to giving them to my kids)
It's so easy to give my kids biscuits, ice cream, chocolates, sweets, etc., etc. They love it. I love it. They'll have a snack on the way to school. And a snack when I pick them up from school, then something else when they get home. They'll might also have a dessert after dinner. That's just during the week! Mind you, we make a big effort to eat healthy food. We cook almost every meal from scratch. But I just know we have way too much sugar. 

5. Finish a DIY task
I'm really good at starting tasks... DIY tasks specifically, but really bad at finishing them. A few months ago I started painting the kitchen. Then summer came; kids were off school, my sister came to visit, and I stopped painting. 3 months later, it's still not finished. I will... must... finish this before the end of November!

That's it from me. Hope you all have a good week, and thanks for reading. 

Ps. Do you make lists too? 


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