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Trick or treatin' this Halloween

My mama friends are talking about bonfire night and, yes, Christmas. I haven't even got through Halloween yet. Have decided to jump on board the 'organised-mama' train because even looking up 'last minute halloween costumes' is something that will take me ages to do.

Wish me luck because this is what I'll be suggesting to my kids this year, all courtesy of Pinterest. Knowing my kids, they'll say no to all of them.

But, I'd be so pleased if they'd go for mummies;

Failing that, my daughter loves having her face painted. This could be another easy option, although my son hates it. I'll put it out there anyway;

This will probably give me nightmares (*if you grew up watching IT you'd know what I mean) but I can't resist;

Let's now counter-act the above image with a bit of Emoji. We watched the movie recently and the outfit looks easy enough to recreate. Sure I can make a boy-version too.

And I'm thinking about dressing up as Maleficent.

Halloween is kind of a big deal on our streets. Our kids love it... because free-flow candy is every kid's dream.

Here are some of our Halloween pictures from previous years...


Am totally getting into the spirit of it now. Might have to break out into some Thriller mum-moves.

 What's your family doing this Halloween?



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