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Fashion trends for mums this summer


I have high hopes for the summer. By high hopes, I'm talking about sunshine. My friends laugh at me because I've been known to bring a blanket to the park and wrap myself in it whilst refusing to push my kids on the swings because I find it so freaking cold in England (I'll put a picture up on social media for you one day). 

Whilst I'm (hopefully) soaking up the sunshine on school runs and trips to the park (Yep, am so rock n' roll), here are what I think should be fashion trends for mums the summer.

1. Fishnet ankle socks

Ladies, am all over this! Doesn't this just take you back to Madonna and Cyndi Lauper, and their fishnet gloves days... it's alright to wear these in your late 30s and 40s, right? They look like fun and would totally work with trainers, pumps or loafers.

Images from Pinterest

2. High waisted bikinis

If you are looking forward to a summer break somewhere with beaches and pools, but you're dreading having to undress in public, I've been there too. Long gone are the days where I can wear a bikini, thanks to my tiger scars. But high waisted bikinis (or what I fondly call 'big pants bikinis') can work, so find the right one for you. And if bikinis aren't your thing, you could always try a one-piece swimsuit like the one below.

Images from Asos and Topshop

 3. Decorated straw bags

You want to look stylish but you still need a bag that's sturdy and practical because inevitable you always end up carrying the entire contents of your house... sound familiar? That's why I've gone for a nice open bag that you can overfill (as I seem to always do). Find one with tassels or pompoms, or add them to a plain bag yourself to jazz it up.

 Images from Pinterest

 4. Embroidered blouses

Embroidered clothes sewed its way into my heart last year, and I think it'll continue to be a trend this summer. I'd love to feature embroidered dresses but you don't want to be tripping over a dress when you are running after your kid at the playground (speaking from experience, obviously). Stick to a beautiful blouse that you can pair with jeans, trousers or a skirt.

Images from Pinterest 

5. Tailored blouse

Victoria Beckham calls them 'Granddad shirts'. Personally I don't think these blouses/shirts go out of season. You can wear them all year round, and that's why I love them. You can make them look casual or a bit more formal depending on what you pair them with. Whichever way, they are always a winner. Go for cotton and you'll feel comfortable even though it's long sleeved. And I'm probably stating the obvious here but an added bonus of wearing a blouse? You don't have to worry about whether you remembered to shave your armpits before leaving the house.

Images from Desa Life and Pinterest

6. Colourful trousers

Bright coloured trousers are just so summery... and such a statement. Be brave and go for it! 

Images from Pinterest, Desa Life and Boden

7.  Scarf

Let's keep it real; No matter how sunny it gets in England, if the sun goes behind the clouds - it gets chilly in a second. So it's always a good idea to have a scarf handy.

Images from Pinterest, Oliver Bonas and Boden

8. Gingham

I'm not entirely sure whether Gingham is on my radar and seems to be popping up everywhere because it's an option of what you can dress a girl in when they start school, and my daughter starts school this September! Okay maybe it is. I'm totally going to make gingham a mum and daughter twinning thing for us. ;-)

 Images from Pinterest

Whatever you decide to wear, do follow what the wise blogger over at  Warning:curves ahead has to say in their blog "24 things women over 30 should wear". 



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