Get the look - Fatinah

Posted on September 01 2016

The Fatinah look is an interesting one. It's got that square cut to it and looks like it could be some sort of a uniform, yet I love it. I wonder if it's the extra layer on the front that makes me feel more comfortable.. it's like an extra layer that's going to protect my mummy tummy from going on show to the world... cuz nobody wants to see that!

So the downside is that I have a mummy tummy to cover, but I can redeem myself, I promise! Earn some cool brownie points by adding a shiny accessory, like a necklace or a bag (Girls are like magpies... shiny equals nice.) but then tone it down a notch with some comfy trousers, 'cuz we know we's cool after all.

Click here to get the Fatinah blouse


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