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Mother's Day voucher code

Let me tell you about my first ever mother's day after becoming a mum. I got nothing. My nine-month old son got me nothing.... more like, my nine-month old son's FATHER got me nothing. When I casually brought this up (there was nothing casual about how I was feeling at not getting anything whilst everyone else was posting about all the lovely things their kids (father) had got them on Facebook!), he said I wasn't his mum so he didn't need to get my anything. He has since learnt the ways. But the point of this blog post is that instead of waiting for a present, maybe this year, you can take the initiative and let your family know that you've got it sorted.... you've bought yourself a mother's day present.... and all is good. 

If there is anything you would like to buy from Desa Life (click on below pictures, which will take you to the collection), our Mother's day present to you is a Free Shipping voucher code! For any UK deliveries.. up until 31 March, we'll pay for your postage when you enter this code at the checkout: MOTHERSDAY2017

Happy mother's day, you lovely lot! 

x Nina


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