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One item challenge - Haniyyah blouse

(The one-item challenge is where I choose one of our featured products and style it with different looks. Drop us an email if you would like to challenge us with a product!)

It's the week before school's out.... and I haven't made any plans... at all. The husband has used up all his holiday allowance (even though he runs his own company so technically, he could give himself some time off. You'd have thought, right? The moral compass is high with that one), so we are staying 'local'.
Anyway, thought I'd try and get a one-item challenge in before it all kicks off and I lock myself in the bathroom to try and get away from the kids. This week I wanted to try the Haniyyah blouse. I think the neck of this blouse is a bit marmite... you either love it or hate it. Give it a go though... play around with the buttons, and folds.. it gives you completely different looks, and so, I love it.  
My first look was the 'emo' look, which brought me back to my early twenties (so much so that I now have an emo playlist on my spotify account and I've been rocking out to it for the list couple of hours whilst making dinner and editing this blog's pics). Skinny jeans, blouse, buckle shoes (with or without socks. I chose with).... sorted.

Then I tried a 70s look by putting on a pair of flared jeans to go with the blouse. This one's a bit basic but I still thought it was a gudden. 
Lastly, I'm not quite sure what look this is... trendy business-like chic? What does chic mean anyway? Does a blazer make it a business look? Not necessarily.. especially if you're (me) going to pair it with these culottes. My previous line manager pointed this out to me when I rocked up to work one day in the pictured pair.  

Now here's the important part that I'm going to leave you with. The thing about modesty clothing, which is what the Hannah line is about, is that you aren't dressing for other people. You're not flaunting your body shape to impress the opposite sex. Modesty clothing is loose fitting clothes that feel good on your body, for you. You don't have to worry about your shirt rising up your (mummy) tummy when you are carrying something (a child, a bag, reaching for something on the top shelf). You don't have to worry about your bum crack on show to the world when your kneeling to get something. Once you're comfortable in your own skin and what your wear, you'll be more comfortable in facing the world. Just remember to love yourself first and everything else will fall into place.
Hope you all have a great week.. and if you are on the same boat as I am (heading towards half-term craziness) - good luck. 
Nina x

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