One item challenge - Merak clutch bag

Posted on January 20 2017

(The one-item challenge is where I choose one of our featured products and style it with different looks. Drop us an email if you would like to challenge us with a product!)

It's Friday!!!! Whoop-de-doo.... I can feel my shoulders loosen up as the husband takes the kids upstairs for bath time. They have been fussy eaters this week.. and without spelling it out for me, I am never to make butternut squash lasagna ever again. Anyway.... last week on the one-item-challenge we played around with the Zakia culottes, so let's accessorise a bag this week. What's your take on the Merak clutch bag?

I found this clutch when we went back to Indonesia over the summer, and I love how simple it is. It's handmade using woven raffia, and comes in a whole load of different colours. Choose one of the straw colours and it looks naturally chic; choose one of the brighter colours and you get contemporary and modern feel. The best part? It also has loads of potential to personalise! You can easily buy a faux flower (IkeaHobbycraft and Accessorize are good places to find some), diamante brooch (try Ebay), a tassel or pom-pom.. the list is endless. Use a glue gun to stick it on and you have a one-of-a-kind clutch bag (but personally, I'd use super glue - just watch those fingers!) Let me show you. 

Nice as it is, right? And now, here are some ideas on how you can accessorise it.

What do you think? Have a lovely weekend ladies... 

Nina x

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