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About us

Hi, thanks for stopping by Desa. I’m Nina. I run Desa and I’m a mum to two children (and a dog) living in the UK. 

Like many mums, I wanted to find something to do which revolved around looking after kids. I dreamt of having somewhere to sell things that I really like, but didn’t want to commit to opening a little shop and having to be away from my family over weekends and holidays. I started looking for people who made things around me.. other mums and acquaintances. My sister, who lives in Indonesia mentioned that she had started her own clothing line and when I tried on some of the clothes during a visit, I was so pleased and excited to have found the first products I wanted to feature. That is how Desa was born. 

I genuinely love every single item that’s on here and personally look for things that I would love to wear, have around my house, or gift to family and friends. I hope you too will find something you’ll like.