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How do I make an order?

Ordering things online has never been easier and we aim to please! Here is what you need to do:

  • Have a look at our collection and choose an item you would like to buy
  • Choose a colour (if applicable)
  • Click on 'Add to cart' to add this item to 'Cart' (also known as your Shopping basket - See top right of your screen)
  • Go ahead and have a look around the website to see if there is anything else you would like to buy
  • If you would like to edit the item you have chosen, click on 'Cart'.
    Under the same row as your item, you will be able to amend the quantity you have chosen, or you can click on 'X' under 'remove' to delete this from your Cart
  • If you have any special instructions, for example you have a specific delivery request, then you can tell us under the box provided
  • When you are ready to purchase your item, click on your 'Cart' and then click on 'Check Out'
  • Check your purchase details to make sure you have ordered the desired colour (if applicable)
  • Complete all the details required; Email and Shipping address. Then click on 'Continue to shipping method'
  • Check your shipping address. If you need to amend it, you can click on 'Edit shipping address'. If all okay, choose your shipping method, then click on 'Continue to payment method'
  • Enter your card details to make your payment
  • Tick the box 'Subscribe to our newsletter' if you would like to be informed of any updates, discounts, etc. from Desa
  • Simply click on 'Complete order' to confirm payment
  • You should then get an email confirmation to your registered email address