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How long will it take for my pre-ordered item to arrive?

Pre-ordered items are products that we have sourced. We'd love to stock all of our products but we are a small start-up business so we're taking it nice and easy. Any pre-ordered items can take between 1-4 weeks to arrive to you depending on transit times and customs.

Each item that we order is tracked and we are able to find out where they are at any given time. If our supplier can't process your order for whatever reason, Desa will refund your transaction in full. 

An item that we order on your behalf is sent to Desa headquarters before it is posted to you. We are aware that this will add to your waiting time and we will do our best to work to a quick turnaround time. We just want to make sure that any item going out to our customers is as described by us.   

If you have any concerns about your pre-ordered item, please feel free to get in touch by completing our 'Contact Form'.